Bless them, change me

Dear Spiritual Friend,

It’s easy to be grateful, when everything in life is going your way.  It’s often more difficult to be grateful and keep walking the spiritual path, when people, places and things all seem to work against you.

Most of us want to be happy, and it’s pretty difficult to be happy when we have relationships that disturb and rob us of peace and serenity.  Often the most difficult people in our life are the ones that we’re the closest to from family members, children, friends, co-workers, spouse, ex-spouse and etc.  Most of us do not loose sleep over a random interaction with a stranger we met briefly on the bus, but we may replay our last conversation with a loved one before they died, or when a relationships became broken and never the same again.

These moments seem to be forever etched in our memories, and especially into our hearts.  They linger long past the actual events and circumstances have passed.  I have no pithy wise words to share with you, but a simple prayer that has helped me get through these rough moments.  A friend told me once that he prays “Bless them, change me,” when he encounters difficult people in his life.  I too try to pray this prayer instead of praying that can be broken down to the essence of “F them, bless me.”

I hope to write to you more, but in the mean time, I wish you the best on your journey.


In the Light,


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