Meditation Poem: #3

My first sit was this evening instead of the morning. I wanted to share a quote to encourage myself or anyone else in their daily meditation practice with a quote from Patrul Rinpoche from Enlightened Vagabond by Matthieu Ricard:

You students are always asking me for teachings. If you did practice, the best students would see results after a single day. Those of medium capacities would see results after a month. And even those if inferior capacities would see results within a year.

Meditation Poem #3
thoughts screaming loudly
I return to my breath

2 thoughts on “Meditation Poem: #3

  1. Meditation is a constant practice…not every day is the same. There are days of bliss and there are days of chaos. But a good student will always persevere no matter what. Breathe in, coming from God. Breathe out, going back to God.

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