A Letter about Hard Days

Dear Friend,

No one said being spiritual would make your days easier. But it does mean, we walk through hard days trusting in a God that’s bigger than the the problems we face. I won’t lie, today was a hard day. I would not wish divorce on anyone, let alone disagreement about custody of your child. It sucks, there’s no easy way around it.

Despite all the hardness about it, I know there’s something bigger than me that loves me, my ex, and my daughter. “This too shall pass.”

I have no spiritual advice to give, except on hard days I like to pray while I walk to remind myself that there’s still beauty in the world. Even on hard days the autumn leaves dance in the evening sun.

Love and love,

A Fellow Seeker

5 thoughts on “A Letter about Hard Days

  1. I’m sorry that you’re going through this hard time. I can’t imagine being on your end of things, as I’ve never gone through a divorce or child custody battle myself, but I commend you on your strong faith and positivity. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

    (Also, love that you ended this with: “Even on hard days the autumn leaves dance in the evening sun.” It’s beautiful)

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  2. It is a sad but common misconception. People think if one is spiritual then he/she is a saint. A mistake. A spiritual person is someone who is aware that good and bad resides in his/her person but that despite that, he/she must strive to live as love and be love.

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