Why do I write?

I wanted to write a little manifesto for my readers and for myself to encourage myself and others to keep writing.

Reasons For Writing:

  1. I write to participate in an act of creating.
  2. I write to share my experiences with hopes that it might be helpful to someone else.
  3. I write poetry to put words to feelings I can’t always express in other ways.
  4. I write to reflect, and to grow.
  5. I write so I can remember where I have been, where I am going, but especially so I can open up to the now.

This is just a short list of why I write. Why do you write? I would love to hear your reasons why you write and create. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Why do I write?

  1. I write to help clarify and give voice to my thoughts. Also, it serves as a record of my thoughts. It is sort of personal therapy for me as well, And, the hope is that a few others will benefit from reading what I have written.

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