Poem: Pandemic Blues

social distancing sounds cool, but for those who struggle with disconnection

fear of connection leaves them longing to break out of prison of their own minds

I have seen 4 friends die this past year to drug related causes, and one friend died because his lungs failed him by the dreaded Covid-19

when I was 19 I didn’t have a care in the world, and now I am paralyzed by unseen enemy that lurks in the air

yet life goes on. vaxxed and boostered, I muster up the courage to face crowds masked and sometimes unmasked.

with my trusty dog, I brave the cold and walk into the unknown.

still somedays I just want to cry, but also give thanks that I have not died. I am still here left standing, when so many have fade away.

I keep walking the path, even though I know not where it will lead…

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