My name is eunsung. I am proud to be a Korean-American Southern man. I grew up in the mountains of South Korea, then came to the Appalachian Mountains, when I was a wee lad.

I am not a professional artist or writer, but I have been doodling and writing since I was wee little one.  I am a father to a three year old daughter.  I am a trained professional chaplain, and a spiritual seeker who has sought answers from Buddhist monasteries, mountain tops, caves, Trappist monasteries, and to church basements.

I love contemplative spirituality of early Church Fathers and Mothers, contemplative traditions of both Christian and Buddhist monastic traditions, and the mysticism that exists within Quakerism.  I became Catholic through the back door, or through attraction of monastic spirituality that took me to a different sort of a community called L’Arche.  I experienced that we could live a changed life through God and community, and some people chose to remain single, some married, and others still discerning.

It was while living at L’Arche GWDC that I started using my artistic skills for the good of the community, I made little postcards to doodles of community members that became a T-shirt design.  I hope to continue to explore my life, spirituality, and thoughts through experimenting with drawings, paintings and the written word.

I currently work as a hospice chaplain.

I live in the great state of VA. I am currently 🙂