Meditation Poem Series: #73

I was able to sit yesterday with my meditation group, I actually lead the guided meditation on breath and body. It seems strange how much of my life I live without being fully present in my body, and open to all the physical sensations I experience.

Meditation Poems #73
am I my thoughts?
am I my breath?
infinite nothingness

Meditation Poem Series: #71

Meditation Poems #71

the wind dances on my face
my heart flutters alive


I wrote this poem yesterday, while on a work retreat at Richmond Hill. We had the morning of silence, so I got to sit outside on a warm day and breathe. Richmond Hill was once a Catholic Monastery of the Sisters of the Visitation, but now an ecumenical community that is open for retreats and classes. The grounds are quite beautiful. If you want the full history of the place, go to:


Meditation Poem Series: #69

Making time to sit has been a struggle, but here I am still. For anyone who is trying to get into a regular meditation practice, or has a regular practice, I wish you well on this journey. May loving-kindness surround us all as we practice.

Meditation Poem #69
no more illusions
no wallowing in delusion
shattered by freedom

Meditation Poem Series: #68

I had the day off today, because I am preaching this Sunday. I started the day with Thai massage and then had pastoral counseling session. A self care day. I got to sit for about 10 minutes in the evening, very distracted, but glad I was still able to make time for meditation.

Meditation Poem #68
i am in constant movement,
only when still
i am

Meditation Poem Series: #67

I was able to teach a breathing technique to a resident today, where I work. I never thought I would be teaching the basics of meditation to folks at a retirement community. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pass on what I’ve learned through experience.

Meditation Poem #67
everyone has the power
to be awake.
heart wide open

Meditation Poem Series: #65

It’s difficult to post and meditate on weekends I have my daughter, but not impossible. I often practice metta, when I spend time with her. This weekend was full with my parents visiting from Friday to Sunday, along with having my daughter, and my girlfriend visiting. I’m not sure if I would have survived this weekend, if I don’t regularly mediate.

Meditation Poem #65
compassion for family
is often the hardest
than complete strangers