poem: memories

This Poem is written in honor of everyone living with dementia, family, friends, and other care givers who are present with them.

I know you will not remember me,
but you’ll remember the feeling.
All I can do is, be open to each moment,
and try to create moments of joy with you.

either I can see you as you are, or
try to hold on to the old image of you
and becoming angry or frustrated.

I choose to live in today with you,
even if you are living in yesterday,
but we get to relive it together
here and now.

all we have is this precious moment.
I choose to fill it with love.

Poem: A Father’s Love

Your little snores make my heart soar.
I love you even when you throw your tantrums,
even when you fight sleep.
I love you, even when I get old and forget everything.
Remember I love you, when I act confused lost in my memories or feelings.
Love is the deepest memory hidden inside of us all.