Meditation Poem Series: #81

I sat this evening with my weekly meditation group. We did 20 minutes of guided meditation lead by one of the members. I sat on the floor using my jacket as a cushion to elevate my hips off the floor. I noticed how tired and lethargic I felt. After meditation was over, I went to the gym and worked out for an hour or so. I feel less lethargic, and nice treating myself to Ramen with veggies and hard boiled egg added by your truly.

Meditation Poem #81
each moment a blessing
when received with gratitude
no expectations

A Poem to Offer Thanks

In honor of the 200 followers of this blog, I wanted to offer this poem. It has 200 words.

200 Words Poem of Thanks

may you the breath of life flow through you and in me.
may you greet each days joys and sorrows with openness and courage.
I offer deep gratitude for our lives connecting through words, and may
my words speak to the inner rooms of your heart.
may the connecting of heart to heart stir within you the deep divine wisdom
within you.

everyday is a day, we can discard and uncover the mystery hidden within.
may your experiences open your heart to keep reaching out, despite life’s sorrows.
each moment of joy and each moment of suffering is a great teacher,
if we have hearts open to receive that gift.

though we be strangers, I am grateful for life weaving our lives together through the gift of sharing our stories.

word are sometimes used so carelessly, but they have so much power.
words have the power to name, shape, and form our thoughts and feelings.
words have the power to create and to destroy, so may we use them wisely.

I hope my words speak into the heart of at least one person, and help them discover, uncover, and discard; a process that is ongoing till we take our last breath.

Meditation Poem Series: #42

I found out tonight that a friend of mine died today, he was battling pancreatic cancer. I feel a lot of sadness, but also gratitude that I got to know him and that our lives crossed paths.

I return to my sit even when life happens, in the midst of joy and sadness…I keep coming back to my seat.

Meditation Poem #42
death cannot keep away
lives woven together
by common solution

Meditation Poem Series: #31

It has been a day full of joy and quality family time. It’s been neat to see my daughter interact with my brother and my sister-in-law, and the continuing closeness she develops with her halmoni (grandma) and bpa-bpa (grandpa). It’s the first Christmas I’ve had her since the divorce, and the first Christmas my parents have spent with their granddaughter. Today was such a full day. I was exhausted, but able to sit for 15 minutes in the afternoon. I am truly grateful for daily practice even in the midst of a family visit.

Meditation Poem #31

gratitude fills my heart
even as i ache
peace within