Poem: 엄마 (momma in Korean)

you showed me love, even when I was not at my best.
you loved me, even when I did not love myself.
thank you for giving me life, and loving me.

i will try to love others like you loved and still love me,
a love that nurtures even those that are lost.
a love that guided me home to the seat of my own heart.

Divine Love Poems: Day 9

Love folds into me like waves of the sea.
Your love is like the ocean,
fathomless and deep.

I want to be a devoted lover of Your depths,
like Jacque Cousteau, diving deeper in the
Ocean of Your love.

I shed dead weights that drag me down,
and find life giving air and freedom in
being loved and loving You.

Divine Love Poems: Day 7


I know I haven’t been faithful,
I am easily distracted by earthly clamors.

I am trying to follow Your will and Your way, the Way of Love.
But I am too dense, and sometimes I don’t understand.

Please make Your way clear for me,
and keep it simple. I need You to say
“Hey kid, wrong way, this way!” Thanks.

Your Beloved Child.