Poem: Waterfall

(Waterfall in Shenandoah National Forest, picture taken by me)

words cascade down on me like water from a waterfall
they pound down on me fast and hard,
washing away all the tension held in my body.

words with depth and weight like a mountain stream is cold,
the life giving waters wakes me into life
and heals my aching heart.

* We all need words of hope right now, but sometimes the sounds of nature say more than my words ever can. i found this hike to the waterfall renewing. i walked into the falls and laid my body against the mossy walls, and the water cascade over my body.

Poem a Day Challenge: Day 9

some days I long for endless sleep
life feels like a dream I cannot awake from
most days it is pleasant, but some days a nightmare

reality feels more like a dream than when i am asleep
when world events feel surreal
and i just want check out

but instead of running away or going into deep sleep
i awaken my heart through compassion
i keep return to my meditation
and go within to the seat of my heart
so i may awaken the boddhisattva within me