Poem A Day Challenge: Day 3

late at night
my thoughts run like wild beasts
they come and go as they please
without a thought for my well being

the only thing that quiets my wild thoughts
are writing them down like a mad man
beating on my computer keys,
like Kerouac pounding away at his type writer

i am no legend like kerouac,
but i too have insomnia from time to time
expect mine aren’t drug induced

a clear mind, a bit sleepy, but clean
all i need is poetry to get me high on life

Poem A Day Challenge: Day 2

* I am challenging myself to write a poem a day for 30 days, if you’d like to take this challenge with me, just reply or message me, so I can follow you and support you in this endeavor by reading your poems and offering support through comments. Poets Unite!!! 🙂


i don’t always feel like i am in a state of gift.
sometimes life seemed so fucked up,
i want to throw my hands up.
But other days, it feels like a gift to be alive,
and to be able to face challenges with some sort of ease.

may we all find peace, and freedom from suffering.

poem: love machine

i wish i could be a love machine
instead i am just a mere human
puttering away at life
full of fear and anxiety
hoping against hope to make it out alive
in this great pandemic

if i was a love machine
than maybe i would write better god damn poetry
maybe i would actually write instead of being paralyzed
but you know what
i am a god damn love machine incased in a human body
my heart beats to love and to grow
my heart beats so I can cry and laugh
and my heart bests so i can write these words of love