A Poem to Offer Thanks

In honor of the 200 followers of this blog, I wanted to offer this poem. It has 200 words.

200 Words Poem of Thanks

may you the breath of life flow through you and in me.
may you greet each days joys and sorrows with openness and courage.
I offer deep gratitude for our lives connecting through words, and may
my words speak to the inner rooms of your heart.
may the connecting of heart to heart stir within you the deep divine wisdom
within you.

everyday is a day, we can discard and uncover the mystery hidden within.
may your experiences open your heart to keep reaching out, despite life’s sorrows.
each moment of joy and each moment of suffering is a great teacher,
if we have hearts open to receive that gift.

though we be strangers, I am grateful for life weaving our lives together through the gift of sharing our stories.

word are sometimes used so carelessly, but they have so much power.
words have the power to name, shape, and form our thoughts and feelings.
words have the power to create and to destroy, so may we use them wisely.

I hope my words speak into the heart of at least one person, and help them discover, uncover, and discard; a process that is ongoing till we take our last breath.