Prayer for Unity


Thank you for gathering us together as citizens of this nation. We give thanks for each person here, for their work, for their thoughts, feelings and words, but especially for the gift of themselves. Sometimes we forget that we each have a story, a life, struggles and joys not always seen. Help us as we work side by side to serve this country, and to truly see and connect to each other, heart to heart. We are more than what we do, even when it is good and meaningful work. Help us to see the fullness of each person gathered here.  Help us to see how each person that make up this beautiful nation is a blessing, and help us bless those who come to this nation seeking a home.  May you bless our work, bless our time, and truly bless each person here to realize that each life is a blessing just simply for being. May we realize this blessing as we walk shoulder to shoulder with one another.

In Your Holy Name We Pray. Amen.

[Today marks 28 years of my family being in the U.S. We immigrated from South Korea to Asheville, NC on Nov. 6, 1989, and became citizens in 1994.]


Hear how this prayer travelled to be used elsewhere, and hopefully touched at least one person for the better.