Meditation Poems Series: #34

It was suggested to me long time ago not to meditate before sleep, I forget the reasons why. I had to wait till little before midnight my time to meditate. Daily sitting is possible while parenting a toddler, but it just means being a little more flexible. 🙂 Also, I cheated a little and wrote a 11 words poem instead of my typical 10 words poem that has been the norm for my meditation poem series.

Meditation Poem #34
everything passes
expect this precious moment
one breath at a time

Meditation Poem Series: #32

I had a Christmas Eve miracle, I woke up before my daughter this morning. I was able to sit for 15 minutes while she slept, I could hear the rising and falling of her breath. I am grateful for this morning and being able to sit, and be present to life.

After my morning meditation, we were able to have breakfast. We had a small service for my brother and sister’s baby girl Abigail, who died around 3 months of pregnancy. We buried her ashes in the back yard, and my father offered grave site liturgy from the Methodist Book of Worship and I offered some prayers and a blessing. Grateful I can be present to all of life with the people I love.

Meditation Poem #32
life and death
united in one breath
infinite love flows

Meditation Poem Series: #31

It has been a day full of joy and quality family time. It’s been neat to see my daughter interact with my brother and my sister-in-law, and the continuing closeness she develops with her halmoni (grandma) and bpa-bpa (grandpa). It’s the first Christmas I’ve had her since the divorce, and the first Christmas my parents have spent with their granddaughter. Today was such a full day. I was exhausted, but able to sit for 15 minutes in the afternoon. I am truly grateful for daily practice even in the midst of a family visit.

Meditation Poem #31

gratitude fills my heart
even as i ache
peace within

Meditation Poem Series: #29

It is getting harder to sit on a consistent basis, but so far I am still making it.  I will have my daughter for Christmas time, so it will be interesting how I will sit daily. I will probably have to wait to do zazen when she naps, or at night. My daughter pops up in the morning and is on the go.

Meditation Poem #29
illusions creep in
shattered by breath
I keep looking within