6 thoughts on “Meditation Poem Series: #11

  1. Nice! And I like the photo very much. I see you’re a chaplain at a CCRC – I just retired as a social worker from an organization that helps elders and their families dealing with the stress of Alzheimer’s and other health concerns. I had quite a few clients in Assisted Living and similar situations. I can imagine it can be a rich environment for your work, with all the end-of-life concerns coming to the fore. I see you’re attracted to the contemplative traditions – I also spent about five years in a Buddhist monastery, in New York. So a few things in common. Thank you for the follow!

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    1. Social workers are wonderful. What Buddhist tradition was your monastery part of? I’ve spent some time with Trappist monks, and some Buddhist monks in Thailand ages ago.


      1. It was very different from the Thia tradition – it was a Zen community run by an American teacher who studied with Japanese teachers. His name is Tetusgen Bernie Glassman – here’s the current website:
        If you see the last – I think the fifth – photo where his head is shaved, that’s when I was studying with him – quite a while ago. He has gone in his own direction, away from more traditional teachings but still adhering to the core tenets. You might find him interesting. Thanks for the thumbs up for social workers! 😉

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